Overall Information

Safety at the events

WHISTLES SHOULD BE CARRIED on the Middle Distance Signal Hill event, PARTICULARLY YOUNGER AND OLDER COMPETITORS. Please make sure you bring one from home. You can order whistles, and any other O gear you might need, in advance of the event from The Mapsport Shop http://www.mapsport.co.nz

Event organisation

We're a small club and it's a big job organising a multiday, particularly in the city. Please note on the entries page our plea to any lovely people who would like to help us by giving an hour or two of their time at some stage over the weekend. Please email Myles at mylespthayer   at   gmail.com  to offer your help.  Thank you!

Shadowed children grade

Parents, please note the grade for children who will be shadowed must be W/M10N. Only children who go out entirely on their own should enter W/M10.

Split Starts

All competitors will punch a Start box, after map pickup, to commence their run.  In addition to the pre-allocated start list, we would like to use a Punch Start lane, such as is used overseas. Whereas all pre-allocated people have a start time at 1, 2 or 3 minute intervals, the Punch Start lane is an extra start lane. The Punch Start lane is perfect for:
  • Parents, who need to wait till their partner gets back before they can go on their course. When they are ready to run, they just turn up to the Punch Start lane.
  • Helpers who finish their job can just turn up when they are ready.
  • People who are unavoidably late for their pre-allocated start time

Punch Lane starters start as soon as there is a convenient gap in their course start list. It may mean their start interval is slightly different, e.g.: start at a 1 minute interval, whereas pre-allocated people are at 2 minutes.

Please - do not abuse the Punch Start facility by just rocking up after you've missed your start because you didn't feel like getting up early enough!