Dunedin Short Distance

MAPPING DETAIL. These areas were selected and mapped in preparation for use for the 2018 Nationals, which has now been re-allocated to an Auckland club. We are pleased to be able to offer them instead for your use at the 2018 South Island Championships, and hope you'll enjoy what should be a completely iconic Dunedin orienteering experience.

Mapped by Bryan Teahan in 2016/2017 as one seamless map, as both events incorporate urban running, they will have the same 2007 ISSOM symbol set with 2.5m contours.

Dunedin Orienteering gratefully acknowledges financial support from NZ Community Trust and Bendigo Valley for the costs of making the maps.

'Long' Short Distance South Island Championships. Afternoon, Saturday 21st April 2018

Planner - Genevieve Webb

Controller - Nick Mortimer

New map - Dunedin Botanical Gardens has never been used for an orienteering event before, so this part of the whole map is completely new to orienteering.

Event Centre - old Alhambra Football clubrooms, Opoho Park, accessed via Upper Opoho Rd (between Signal Hill Rd and Warden St - adjacent to Opoho Scout Den).  





 km (TBC)


 M/W18, M/W20, M/W21, M/W40, M/W50




 M/W16, M/W60, M/W70




 M/W14, all B grades




 M/W12, M/W10N (note due to traffic issues, these are shadowed grades only)



Mapper information about this urban area

The sprint map contains several different areas – botanical gardens, flat to hilly, native bush, open parklands, old cemetery.

As always with urban areas, there is usually some areas which are out of bounds, due to gardens, private areas, and temporary construction. The botanical gardens provides extra variety with open areas with trees, open forest, intricate paths, and route choice paths through out-of-bounds bush.

The Water of Leith cascades over the whole map with uncrossable walls on each side and several bridge crossings. These crossings may provide some interesting navigational challenges. 

A treat for the mapper and it will be a real treat for the orienteer.